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About Keith


Keith Underdahl is married to Christa Underdahl and is father to two brilliant boys named Soren and Cole. Keith lives in Albany, Oregon and is an AYSO board member and an avid amateur photographer, motorcyclist, and bicyclist.

Professionally, Keith is a technical instructor for Paradigm Information Services. Keith is also an author and editor, having written such books as Teach Yourself Microsoft Word 2000, Windows Movie Maker for Dummies, Your Official AOL Guide to Personal Computing, Adobe Premiere for Dummies, Digital Video for Dummies, 3rd and 4th Editions, Adobe Premiere Pro for Dummies, Adobe Premiere Elements for Dummies, 50 Fast Windows XP Techniques, Wi-Fi Home Networking for Dummies - Just the Steps, Mac OS X Leopard for Dummies - Just the Steps, and many more. Keith has co-authored various books, including Final Cut Pro Bible, Internet Bible 2nd Edition, and Teach Yourself Microsoft Office 97.

Home | Family | About Keith | About This Site

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