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Deer Hunting - October 2006

Our campsite.


The Silvies unit offers a mix of desert terrain...


... and forest.


CJ hunts the eastern Oregon high desert.


CJ and Ryan on the desert.


Some does hide in the trees.


CJ and Ryan.


CJ hunts the forest.


Pappy and CJ back at camp.


Rio and Ryan.


Wendy, Rio, and Ryan.


There's nothing better than a cool evening and a warm fire!


CJ and Ryan are back on the hunt early.


CJ thought this was a Bigfoot track.


Ryan's Grandpa returned to camp with this three-point.


Grandpa on the four-wheeler.


Ryan and Pappy.


Grandpa, Jeffy, and Ryan.


Ryan prepares to give CJ and gutting lesson..


CJ gets hands-on training.


CJ takes up another new hobby.


CJ and Dad with CJ's first deer, a forked horn mule deer buck.


CJ and Ryan.


Jeffy plays with the fire.




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