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2006 GPNDG

During the weekend of August 24-28 I attended the Great Pacific Northwest Dryside Gather (GPNDG), an annual Wetleather gathering with 15 years of history. The event took place at Crescent Lake, just west of Oregon's Willamette Pass. My original plan was to ride my bicycle to the Gather, and I got part of the way there, but ultimately my plan turned out to be too ambitious. I'll let the pictures tell the story.

CJ and Cole are ready to see me off. Unfortunately I got a later start than I had originally hoped. I then crashed about three blocks from home, having to make an emergency stop when I misread a car's turn signal and in a panic couldn't get unclipped from the pedals. Totally my fault.


Ah, finally out of town. South of Tangent I happened upon this meeting of the Linn County Republicans.


August in Linn County means field burning. A Mennonite farm family was managing this burn; I considered asking them if they were fans of Floyd Landis, but then thought better of it.


I think this sign is tempting fate. If Kim Jong Il decides to nuke San Francisco or Seattle, it seems to me there's a fair chance that he will miss and hit Eugene instead. I still felt great at this point, although I'd been pushing a fast pace to make up time, and I noticed a creaking noise coming from the bicycle. Closer inspection revealed that the bottom bracket was backing out of the frame. Not good.


The bottom bracket problem was too serious to ignore, and required special tools that I didn't have. So I went way out of my way to find a bike shop in Springfield. Hutch's on Main Street kindly squeezed me in and quickly performed the repair for peanuts, and then they gave me some valuable route advice as well. Nice folks, great shop!
At this point I misread my map, mis-remembered landmarks, and got lost south of Springfield. I spent a lot of time going down the wrong hills and then riding back up them. I wasted a lot of time and energy and quickly realized I wasn't going to make Oakridge, still over 35 miles away. Having not hydrated enough due to the stress of time and mechanical problems, my muscles started to shut down. I'd ridden 60 miles, but I didn't feel good about making it to Crescent Lake under pedal power. I called Christa and asked her to come pick me up.


As I waited for my ride I thought, "I feel like hell, I'm probably going to want a picture of this."


The next morning I set out for the Gather, again on two wheels but this time by motorcycle.


My lake-front camping spot.


On Friday I rode to Crater Lake.




This island is called Phantom Ship.


The Pinnacles are volcanic steam tubes which have been exposed by erosion.



A fire burned southwest of Crater Lake.


Back at the Gather, silliness ensued.


The "Alcohol Monitor" conducts inhumane experiments on Adrian.


Failing eyes and manual focus don't mix; sorry Steve!




... and food!


SSJoanne checks out BubbaJoan's KLR. An electrical failure necessitated the makeshift headlight. Check out the trick cigar holder!



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